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Qualifying: 1PM // Racing Begins at 2:30PM - Madison International Speedway

6:30PM - Unofficial Results of today’s Joe Shear Classic at Madison International Speedway

Travis Sauter leads at the 64 lap break. He is followed by Uncle Johnny Sauter and Jacob Goede. Tim Sauter and Dan Fredrickson round out the top five. There will be 10 minute break for teams to make some adjustments before the final 36-lap shootout in memory of Joe Shear.

4:45PM - Midwest Truck Tour Feature Results

Joe Shear Classic Starting Line-Up
# Driver Name
1 52 Chris Wimmer (TS)
2 77 Jonathan Eilen (TS)
3 8G Jacob Goede (TS)
4 99 Tim Sauter
5 5S Travis Sauter
6 11 Bobby Kendall (R)
7 5J Johnny Sauter
8 25K Ross Kenseth
9 8H Eddie Hoffman
10 25S Jeff Storm (TS)
11 75W Chris Weinkauf (TS)
12 36 Dan Fredrickson (TS)
13 87 Nathan Haseleu (TS)
14 53 Boris Jurkovic
15 75T Joel Theisen
16 76 Jason Weinkauf (TS)
17 28 Bobby Wilberg
18 78 Skylar Holzhausen (TS)
19 39 Andrew Morrissey (TS)
20 97 James Sawn (TS) (R)
21 58 Cardell Potter (TS)
22 9C Kyle Calmes
23 6L Austin Luedtke
24 63 Gary Lamonte
25 42 Dennis Prunty (R)
26 12 Nick Murgic
27 4 Thor Anderson
28 45 Rich Bickle (TS)

4:15PM - Last Chance Finish

3:45PM - Truck Qualifier Finish

3:30PM - Qualifier Results

It doesn’t look like Miller will be racing anymore this afternoon. :/

2:30PM - SLM Qualifying // Truck Tour Qualifying
Johnny Sauter tops Joe Shear Classic Qualifying at Madison International Speedway. Racing Begins at 2:30PM.


12:30PM - Sunday Practice
Nathan Haseleu tops final practice for today’s Joe Shear Classic at Madison International Speedway. Qualifying begins shortly after 1PM.

Driver’s meeting. 34 drivers will attempt to qualify for the Joe Shear Classic

The winner will be going home with this beautiful guitar



The Wood Brothers ready to do some truck racing later this afternoon

The calm before the storm

Ross Kenseth preparing to go through tech

Practice tech has officially begun. #joeshearclassic

ARCAMT President, Tim Olson keeping an eye on tech

New ARCA Midwest Tour apparel is for sale. Come and check it out.

Check back today for updates from the Joe Shear Classic at Madison International Speedway in Oregon, Wisconsin. 34 drivers on the ARCA Midwest Tour SLM entry list for today, plus the Midwest Truck Tour.

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