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5:15PM - DOC 360 Touring Star Nathan Haseleu was the fastest today across all practice sessions. Storm, Wimmer, Sauter And Anderson rounded out the top five. Full run down from today.

5:00 PM - Just some more of the cars that hit the track today for practice at MIS.

4:20 PM - Spike Island Touring Star Chris Weinkauf exits the track from practice.

4:15 PM Drivers getting their final practice laps in today before the track closes at MIS.

Just a few of the great partners that are supporting the Midwest Tour in 2013. Thanks to all!

4:00 PM - Vita Ice Touring Star Skylar Holzhausen making final adjustments before practice ends today at MIS.

Event Information // Event Entries // Practice Results

3:30 PM - DOC 360 Touring Star Chris Wimmer has been fast all day at MIS

3:20 PM - ARCA/CRA Driver Ali Kern set to head out for practice.

2:55 PM - DOC 360 Touring Star Jason Weinkauf and his son Oliver having some family time during the break

ARCA/CRA driver, Brandon Oakley

i-gogs Touring Star Andrew Morrissey arrived ready to take a few laps

2:50 PM - i-gogs Touring Star Rich Bickle chats with ARCA/CRA Driver Travis Braden

2:30 PM - Break Time at Madison International Speedway

2:15 PM - DOC 360 Touring Star Chris Wimmer tops both practice sessions so far at Madison - Full Rundown

1:30 PM - Just a few photos as practice continues today at MIS.

12:45 PM - ARCA/CRA Driver Kenny Tweedy taking his first laps at MIS #BorderWars2 - https://vine.co/v/hhpPbBQOaWL

Ross Kenseth and Travis Sauter dialing in for tomorrow’s race.

12:35 PM - Great to see the #25 of i-gogs Touring Star Jeff Storm back at the track after his wreck a few weeks ago at MIS.

12:30 PM - Jason Weinkauf going through tech before practice.

Can he make it 10 in a row at MIS?


Rich Bickle taking the opportunity to test both cars

Travis Braden CRA

12:15 PM - The dominate car and driver at MIS as of late, Travis Sauter taking a few laps this afternoon. http://vine.co/v/hhpwb5L3vH2 #BorderWars2

12:12 PM - Austin Luedtke watching over practice before heading on to the track in his #6 machine.

12:10 PM - Engines being warmed on this beautiful day at Madison International Speedway

12:10 PM - Nathan Haseleu and “The King” Matt Kocurek having a chat before heading on the track today.

ARCA Midwest Tour Point Leader Dan Fredrickson

12:05 PM - Joe Beaver, Brad Dahmer and Ross Kenseth getting ready for practice.

12:00 PM - Sights and Sounds of #BorderWars2 Practice Day at Madison International Speedway

11:50 PM - James Swan read to head out for practice at Madison International Speedway

11:45 AM - Driver Meeting before practice at Madison international Speedway

11:30 AM - Madison International Speedway is ready for the stars of the ARCA Midwest Tour and the ARCA/CRA Super Series.

8:00 AM - Practice Day at Madison International Speedway for tomorrow’s ‪#‎BorderWars2‬. We’ll have updates later this morning and afternoon. Hope to see you at the track Sunday!

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