The Oktoberfest 100 at LaCrosse Speedway in West Salem, Wisconsin on Saturday & Sunday, October 5th & 6th, 2013

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5:00 PM Sunday - Spiked Island Touring Star James Swan picks up the 2013 Rookie of the Year Award. Full race results available on the link above.


4:00 PM Sunday - DOC 360 Touring Star Nathan Haseleu wins the Oktoberfest 100; i-gogs Touring Star Dan Fredrickson wins the championship. Details to follow soon!



2:40 PM Sunday ARCA’s Mark Gundrum at Oktoberfest to help crown the first Midwest Tour Champion under the ARCA Banner.


2:40 PM Sunday - The drivers for today’s Oktoberfest 100!


2:00 PM Sunday - Feature Line-Up

1:50 PM Sunday - Ty Majeski wins the Last Chance Event At LaCrosse. Jeremy Miller and Steve Holzhausen also transfer to the Oktoberfest 100.

12:15 PM Sunday - i-gogs Touring Star Rich Bickle surveys his car before his last Oktoberfest Race Weekend.


12:10 PM Sunday - Ross Kenseth


12:00 PM Sunday - i-gogs Touring Star and Current ARCAMT Point Leader Dan Fredrickson Interview


11:55 AM Sunday - Rookie of the Year contender Dennis Prunty looks over his car before the Oktoberfest 100 today at LaCrosse.


11:52 AM Sunday - i-gogs Touring Star and Winner at Elko Speedway, Andrew Morrisey


11:50 AM Sunday - DOC 360 Touring Star Jason Weinkauf & Team prep for the big race today.


11:45 AM Sunday - i-gogs Touring Star Jonathan Eilen & Team win the Best Appearing Crew & Car Competition at Oktoberfest Race Weekend.


11:30 AM Sunday - Best appearing car and crew competition


10:00 AM Sunday - It’s Championship day at Oktoberfest Race Weekend! Racing begins at Noon today. We have a last chance event and the Oktoberfest 100. Stay tuned for updates through out the afternoon.


7:50 PM Saturday - Colin Reffner & Ross Kenseth win the Hedman Hedders Qualifiers. Last Chance and the Oktoberfest 100 will be on Sunday Afternoon!

7:25 PM Saturday - i-gogs Touring Star Andrew Morrissey wins the JRI Shocks Fast Dash. Full results on the link above.

4:15 PM Saturday - Spiked Island Touring Star & Rookie of the Year Candidate James Swan talks during the autograph session at LaCrosse

4:10 PM Saturday - i-gogs Touring Stars Rich Bickle, Dan Fredrickson and Andrew Morrissey during the Autograph Session.




4:00 PM Saturday - On track autograph session underway at LaCrosse

3:30 PM Saturday - Johnny Sauter wins the VDL, B&B Racing Engines Fast Qualifier award during Oktoberfest Race Weekend at LaCrosse Speedway. Full rundown on the Results link above. ARCAMT Teams will run qualifier races later on this evening.

2:20 PM Saturday - Qualifying has begin. We’ll have times once the full session is complete.

2:00 PM Saturday - 45 Teams set to qualify at LaCrosse Speedway today. Who is your pick to set fast time? Let us know on our Facebook Page

12:00 PM Saturday - Ross Kenseth and crew debriefing during practice



11:50 AM Saturday - DOC 360 Touring Star Chris Wimmer working on motor issues. Chris is currently second in points behind Fredrickson.


11:40 AM Saturday - Rookie of the Year Points Leader James Swan


11:30 AM Saturday - Johnny, Travis and Tim Sauter are ready to do battle with the ARCA Midwest Tour at LaCrosse.


11:25 AM Saturdat - NASCAR Camping World Truck Driver Johnny Sauter, looking for the win at Oktoberfest Race Weekend.


11:20 AM Saturday - Spiked Island Touring Star Cardell Potter secures the hood of his #58 car before practice.


11:15AM Saturday - Dean LaPointe’s crew checking tire pressures before practice.


11:10 AM Saturday - DOC 360 Touring Star Nathan Haseleu’s Crew redoes the Swiss Colony machine for practice at LaCrosse.


11:05 AM Saturday - Colin Reffner pays tribute to the legend Dick Trickle.


11:00 AM Saturday - ARCA Midwest Tour cars on officially on the track for practice. We will not have practice times as the transponder loop is broken. Stay tuned for updates through out the day from LaCrosse!


10:50 AM Saturday - ARCA Midwest Tour Point leader Dan Fredrickson takes to the track at LaCrosse.


9:00 AM Saturday - Lake Oktoberfest at LaCrosse Speedway. The track has been able to get in both nights of racing so far, we are positive for the same tonight!


8:00 AM Saturday - It’s Oktoberfest Race Weekend! The 2013 ARCA Midwest Tour Championship will be decided Sunday. Dan Fredrickson leads Chris Wimmer and Nathan Haseleu heading into today. Who will come out on top? Let us know on our Facebook page!

An update schedule has been posted above for Midwest Tour Teams.


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