Finishes Second in ARCA Midwest Tour Point Standings

Wausau, WI – Chris Wimmer ended his 2013 ARCA Midwest Tour season with a career high third place finish at the Oktoberfest 100 in La Crosse. “It felt really good to finally have a good race at La Crosse,” says Chris Wimmer, “I’ve struggled there the past few years and it felt good to come away with a strong finish.”

However Wimmer’s trip to the podium was anything but easy. During final practice on Saturday the motor blew up in Wimmer’s Chevy, forcing him to his back-up car. Wimmer made only three laps in the second car before qualifying and ended up 16th in time. “One of my friends, Cardell Potter, was actually supposed to race my other car,” says Wimmer, “So it was tough to then have to get in it knowing that then he would need to find another car to drive.”

After qualifying the Wimmer Racing team went to work on the car and made a lot of changes before the race. “We threw an entirely new set-up at it,” says Wimmer, “I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out, but I knew we had to try something different because it didn’t feel very good in qualifying.”

The changes Wimmer and crew made worked. In the 100-lap feature event Wimmer worked his way from his 16th starting position all the way up to third, to end the season with his 10th top-five finish of the year. “I wish I could have maybe made one more change,” says Wimmer, “I think I could have got the car a little better, but considering the weekend we had and the changing of cars, I’m just so thankful to my crew for coming together and helping and finishing the season off with a good race.”

Wimmer finishes the season second in points in the ARCA Midwest Tour with 11 top-ten finishes and 10 top-five finishes in 12 races. This is the fifth straight year Wimmer has finished in the top-five of Midwest Tour points.

“It’s always a little frustrating to finish second,” says Wimmer, “But Danny, who won, had a really great year. I think this was the most consistent year I’ve had, so it’s definitely something to build on. To have 10 top-five finishes in 12 races, especially racing against the guys on the Tour, is something to feel good about.”

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