ASA Midwest Tour rules, engine packages, weights and ABC body rules apply no exceptions.

If you have questions please ask on Monday. Tech staff will be at track. Scale and tech will be open.

All cars must be inspected at pre-tech before getting on the track on Tuesday.

Please make sure you have read and understand the ASA Midwest Tour Rules and your car is in complete compliance.

Fuel Cell plates and all parts of fuel cell must be magnetic steel and 10 inches off ground. 100 pound penalty.

Shocks, springs, brakes and wheels must meet ASA Midwest Tour rules. Ohlins TTX36 will be allowed.

Carbs and spacers must meet your APPROVED engine package and pass all ASA Midwest Tour gauges.

All cars weights are 58/42 a 125 pound weight allowance will be given after feature event.

ABC Body rules apply also for after the event.No panning of NOSE, BOTTOM, or SIDES of car. You may not pull air from under car, All vents must pull air you may not vent air.

All cars will run the 4 tires you qualify on for all events.

This is a 6 tire event. You may only use 6 tires. Practice tires maybe used in the event of a flat tire. Only 4 tires allowed in your pit area and they must be all data logged. 2 new and 2 used. A flat tire maybe changed with a used tire only under green flag conditions. The 2 new tires will only be changed at lap 75 break. No extra tire for any reason will be allowed at the break. 1 lap penalty for any other tire changed at break.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK BEFORE EVENT. After will be to late.

Top 8 cars after feature event must report directly to scale area after race. Top 3 from all other races.

All cars, engines or any part maybe taken or tested at the race or after.

Mike (Lumpy) Lemke


ASA Racing National Tech Director
ASA Transcontinental Tech Director
ASA Midwest Tour Tech Director
Norway Speedway Tech Director
State Park Speedway Tech Director
Member of S.ealed E.ngine A.lliance L.eaders Group

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