Wimmer Racing Press Release

Wausau, WI – Chris Wimmer brought home a second place finish from the 3M 150 Friday night at Iowa Speedway. Wimmer led almost 130 of 150 laps, but was passed by Brent Kirchner on the final restart with just over 10 laps to go. “It was disappointing because I really wanted to win,” says Wimmer, “But it’s hard to be upset with a second place finish. It feels good to have a good run and a strong finish and now we need to carry this momentum for the rest of the year.”

Wimmer qualified 11th for the 3M 150 and began the feature from the 4th position. Wimmer quickly moved the Preval Chevy in to the second position and battled with Jonathan Eilen for the lead. Wimmer made his way past Eilen eighteen laps in to the race and held that top spot all the way to the break at lap 75.

During the 10 minute break all teams put two new right side tires on their car and Wimmer made just a few minor adjustments. “My car was really good those first 75 laps,” said Wimmer, “It was so easy to drive. But it’s always hard to be the leader at the break because you know all the guys behind you are making adjustments, so you want to make enough to make your car better, but not do too much to it either.”

Wimmer held the lead for the next 65 laps, until the final restart. After two attempts at a restart, the officials said the third one was good. Kirchner managed to stay inside of Wimmer and make the pass for the lead with under ten laps to go.

Wimmer pulled back within a car length of Kirchner, but wasn’t able to challenge for the lead again. Kirchner took the checkered flag and Wimmer finished second. “I got really tight there at the end,” says Wimmer, “I don’t know if had something to do with that long caution and letting our tires cool down, but those last few laps I was really tight. Then once Kirchner passed me I was just over driving it trying to give him a run.”

Wimmer’s solid run on Friday tightened up the ASAMT point race even more. With just two races left on the 2012 schedule Wimmer trails point leader Jonathan Eilen by just eight points and the top four drivers are separated by only twenty points.

“It will be important to really focus and run well the last few races now,” says Wimmer, “I was surprised we were able to gain that many points at Iowa and it’s exciting to be in a championship hunt. All of te top four drivers are capable of winning this thing now and it will be fun to see how the next two races play out.”

Next up for Wimmer and the Preval Chevy is the Thunderstuck 93 Friday, September 21st and Saturday, September 22nd at Elko Speedway.

For more information on Chris Wimmer visit www.chriswimmer.com or contact Jana Jurkovich at jjurkovich@gmail.com