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Matt Tifft Wins The 2012 Rookie Of The Year Honors

By Kari Shear-Carlson
October 8, 2012 - The ASA Midwest Tour presented by SCAG Power Equipment and Lester Buildings has crowned its 2012 Champion along with the 2012 Oktoberfest Champion. Jonathan Eilen won his first ever ASAMT Championship and Travis Sauter took home the victory.

“This is just awesome. I couldn’t do it without my team, my family, my wife and everybody,” said an emotional 2012 ASAMT Champion. “The biggest thing with this kind of stuff is to never give up. You just have to go out and do what you have to do, but never give up and that’s just what we did,” said Eilen.

After failing to make the race and getting in on a provisional, ECHO and ECHO Bear Cat Touring Star, Jonathan Eilen finished in the fifth spot. Going into the race, only thirteen points separated Eilen and Nathan Haseleu. Haseleu had a strong run, but finished eighth giving up those points to Eilen.

Travis Sauter started back in the eleventh position and methodically moved through the field. He took the lead away from pole-sitter, Chris Wimmer on lap 55 and never looked back despite a very hard-charging Skylar Holzhausen. Holzhausen just didn’t have enough to get it done. Sauter, Holzhausen and Fredrickson finished, one, two, three.

“It’s been a great year. I was not going to come here without winning. That was the goal the whole time,” said Sauter from victory lane. Sauter did just that when he became the 2012 Oktoberfest Champion.

The top three were pleased with the weekend although third place finisher, Dan Fredrickson was really hoping to win his fourth Oktoberfest event. “I’m really happy with it. Of course, I’d rather win, but these guys are really fast. Man, I love coming here!”

Chris Wimmer, who honored his late uncle Larry Detjens by carrying his old paint scheme and number, started on the pole with rookie, Cardell Potter on the outside. Wimmer took the lead as the field went to green and crossed the start finish line to complete the first lap.

But that first lap was as far as they got as a bunch of cars got together in turn three bringing out the red flag as the clean up began. Steve Carlson, Chris Weinkauf, ECHO Bear Cat Quick Cut Qualifier, Jeff Storm, Brandon Hill, Tim Rothe, Matt Kocourek and Thor Anderson were many of the names involved. Cardell Potter also had mechanical problems coming out of turn two causing him to give up his second spot and ending his day.

When the field went green Wimmer and Fredrickson chose the inside while Nick Murgic and Rookie of the Year, Matt Tifft tried the outside. Wimmer once again took the lead as Murgic was able to settle into second but not for long as Fredrickson soon moved past for the spot.

Nathan Haseleu started in the eighth spot as Eilen had to start back in 26th. Haseleu kept the points in check until Eilen started making his way through the field and eventually passed him and clinched the Championship.

The caution fell once again with 29 laps to go when Bobby Kendall had problems in turn four. As the cars lined-up for what would be the final restart, Sauter and Holzhausen chose the inside as Wimmer and Griffin McGrath, who sort of came out of nowhere, chose the outside.

The inside line was once again the fastest as Sauter and Holzhausen set the pace once again. Fredrickson had to work his way back up to third but was able to do it as the laps wound down.

“I really wanted to try the outside, but I also didn’t want to burn my stuff up and not have a chance to win,” said Holzhausen. “We are going to build off of this year and go for the win next year.”

Sauter took the trophy over Holzhausen and Fredrickson. McGrath and Eilen rounded out the top five.

Hinckley, Ohio’s, Matt Tifft who has been racing with the Iron Eagle Racing Team this year wrapped up the 2012 Rookie of the Year honors. “I just want to thank everybody. The series and all the sponsors. This is a really great series to race with and all the guys are just great to run with.”

The next event for the ASA Midwest Tour will be the 2012 Champions Banquet. More details will be available as it approaches.

Thank you for supporting the ASA Midwest Tour this year and we hope to see you in 2013.

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Feature Results
# Driver Name Hometown
1 – 5S – Travis Sauter – Necedah, WI
2 – 78 – Skylar Holzhausen (TS) – Bangor, WI
3 – 36 – Dan Fredrickson – Lakeville, MN
4 – 64 – Griffin McGrath – Cedar Rapids, IA
5 – 77 – Jonathan Eilen (TS) – Hampton, MN
6 – 39 – Andrew Morrissey (TS) – DeForest, WI
7 – 7D – Erik Darnell – Park City, IL
8 – 87 – Nathan Haseleu (TS) – Marshall, Wi
9 – 76 – Jason Weinkauf (R) (TS) – Merrill, WI
10 – 52 – Chris Wimmer (TS) – Wausau, WI
11 – 12 – Nick Murgic – Rosemount, MN
12 – 89 – Matt Tifft (R) (TS) – Hinckley, OH
13 – 99 – Tim Sauter – Necedah, WI
14 – 3 – Tim Rothe – Appleton, WI
15 – 9K – Mark Kraus – Stratford, Wi
16 – 4 – Thor Anderson – Bondurant, IA
17 – 44 – Colin Reffner – Wisconsin Rapids, WI
18 – 77V – Gregg VanGool – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
19 – 55M – Mason Mitchell – W. Des Moines, IA
20 – 63 – Gary LaMonte – West Allis, WI
21 – 75 – Chris Weinkauf (TS) – Merrill, WI
22 – 11K – Bobby Kendall – Montello, WI
23 – 8K – Brent Kirchner – LaCrosse, WI
24 – 6 – Austin Luedtke (R) – Beechwood, WI
25 – 34 – Brandon Hill (TS) – Genoa City, WI
26 – 58 – Cardell Potter (R) (TS) – Camp Douglas, WI
27 – 43 – Matt Kocourek – Franklin, WI
28 – 66C – Steve Carlson – West Salem, WI
29 – 25 – Jeff Storm (TS) – Waterford, WI
30 – 21 – Tim Schendel – Sparta, WI

Lap Leaders: Wimmer (1-54) Sauter (55-100)

ECHO Quick Cut Qualifier: 25 Jeff Storm (1st of 2012)

Hedman Husler Hedders Husler Zone (Winners Circle): 1) 5S Travis Sauter; 2) 78 Skylar Holzhausen; 3) 36 Dan Fredrickson

Hedman Husler Hedders Hard Charger presented by Tesar Racing Engines and Lefthander Chassis: 77 Jonathan Eilen (+21)

Provisional Starters: 1) 77 Jonathan Eilen; 2) 34 Brandon Hill; 3) Austin Luetdke; 4) 63 Gary LaMonte; 5) 55M Mason Mitchell

Next Race: 2012 Season Complete

Rookie of the Year Points: 1) 89 Matt Tifft (R) (TS) 1564; 2) 76 Jason Weinkauf (R) (TS) 1,489; 3) 58 Cardell Potter (R) (TS) 1,472

Championship Points: 1 77 Jonathan Eilen (TS) 1,681; 2) 87 Nathan Haseleu (TS) 1,664; 3) 52 Chris Wimmer (TS) 1654; 4) 75 Chris Weinkauf (TS) 1,635; 5) 89 Matt Tifft (R) (TS) 1564; 6) 76 Jason Weinkauf (R) (TS) 1,489; 7) 58 Cardell Potter (R) (TS) 1,472; 8) 39 Andrew Morrissey (TS) 1435; 9) 78 Skylar Holzhausen (TS) 1342; 10) 90 Erik Long 1108

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