Tech Note (SLM) - 09.29.14

9/28/14 revision 1

Oktoberfest 200….. Pitting Procedures – subject to change.


  • This will be up to a 7 tire race
  • 4 New tires that will be qualified on, and start ALL qualifying races, last chance, or fast heat races
  • 3 New OR Scuffed tires (scuffed tires must be purchased on Saturday, and ARCA MT scanned and remain in impound)
  • All tires MUST be scanned in and verified with tire impound.  Any tire at end of race on car that is NOT an approved tire will be disqualification from event.
  • At completion of race you only need to have on car 4 of the 7 tires you’ve deemed for race.  You can change back to tires you started on if it permits.


Competition Caution - Pitting Procedures:

  • This is a 200 lap race in which caution laps WILL COUNT UP TO LAP 190.
  • You do not “need to” pit if you feel you can make it on fuel/tires.
  • All pit stops will be done on pit road – NO going back to trailer.  “Semi-Live” pit stops.
  • Any pitting cars during ANY caution will NOT loose positions to those whom they pit with.
  • Only positions lost will be to those that have stayed on track
  • Pit road will NOT be considered open until line up has been deemed for scoring purposes and announced for any caution!  Any pitting cars prior to pit road being open will loose positions to those they were running and will fall to tail of field for restart and NOT be permitted the double up option.
  • During ANY caution a competitor can choose to pit, and change up to 3 tires and fuel.  Those 3 tires MUST be of the 3 tires you’ve deemed your 3 extras in your pit box and better of been scanned from tire impound.  Again – any unapproved tire will be disqualification from event.  Any chassis adjustments are approved as well.
  • Some where between lap 90-110 there will be competition caution.  This caution is NOT a break, its simply a competition caution.  Any caution that occurs in that window of 90-110 will serve as such competition caution – Example: Yellow flies at lap 80, we would go back green and another caution for the completion caution will come out within next window (90-110), or lap 110 at the very latest. But if a caution comes out at lap 95, then this will be the competition caution with the time @5 lap chance to pit.
  • The competition caution once pit road is open will consist of @5 laps under caution.  At the completion of the @5th lap past the flag stand by the pace car the field will be released from turn 2 of those whom pitted.
  • Any other caution in which a team chooses to pit will NOT have any allotted time limit.  Will simply be when scoring is ready to go back green.
  • Any pitting cars during cautions will be held by the official in turn 2 before being released back on track.  This is to keep scoring accurate.  We will NOT restart race until that lane is clear.  Once official releases all cars and the double up could happen and any other cars not back on track will fall to tail end of longest line and NOT be permitted to double up.
  • If you pit more then once during any caution, you then will loose your position to whom you originally came in with.  Your penalty will be tail end of longest line without double up option
  • Due to the pitting being open at any caution, we will NOT do lane choice (cone) rule for this event.  Restarts will be double file with only the leader choosing.  Then followed by 2nd opposite, and then ODD cars inside row, EVEN outside.  Lapped cars will fill tail of field on inside row.
  • Lucky Dog will be granted at EVERY caution as long as 1 lap was completed under green
  • Once lucky dog was awarded and announced that is the only lucky dog for such caution
  • If a caution happens in final 10 laps, restarts will be single file.



  1. You can pit anytime, and there is NO race out of the pits.  You come in with whom you were following you’ll go out the same.  Just might be in different track position of that which you lost by pitting
  2. You can change up to 3 tires, add fuel and chassis adjustments during any caution
  3. You can change tires as many times as you want as long as it’s any 4 of the 7 tires on car at end of race.
  4. 1 mandatory competition caution between 90-110.  This is only official caution.
  5. You do NOT need to pit at all if you never feel need to.
  6. Regular cautions will not have time limit
  7. Competition caution will be @5 laps once pit road is open by speed of pace car.
  8. Cars pitting will be held before release onto track
  9. You have 1 time to enter pits and NOT loose positions to those you are racing and pitting with.  If you pit again you will loose all track postion
  10. No “cone rule”.  Only leader chooses