Tech Note (SLM) - 12.03.14

The 5.3 LS Style engine will not be used in OPEN competition in the 2015 year. Some testing will be done. The testing at Oktoberfest did not go as planned. Carl Wegner has offered one to be used for testing. Please call the office for more info. Any other engine builder that would like to be included please also call for more info. We do have some support from the manufacturer for this package.

We in the Midwest Tour have been the leaders in racing for many years. We have had a very reliable spec engine that started in the ARTGO Series and has won the most championships in the upper mid-west of any engine package in 2014. It is the ACE engine. It is also built by any approved engine builder.

We have spent much time to look at other spec and sealed engine packages. We at this time would like to reaffirm our alliance with the USRA rules alliance and any spec or sealed engine will have to have approval of the SEAL engine committee. We will no longer spend the time to help get these approved.

Any non SEAL approved engine that is brought to be used in the Midwest Tour will run at the 9-1 weight and must have pre-approval before being used on a limited basis. We have been using the Hamner, MEP and the Wegner Sealed engines for most of the Midwest Tour years. We also appreciate the cost savings these engine packages have brought to the tour and the help to stabilize engine costs in the USA. These sealed engines as produced and approved by the Midwest Tour and/or the SEAL committee must have the proper paperwork and appropriate seals and numbers as produced by their respected builders. All as well as any engine package maybe subject to inspection at any time.

Also the ACE Mopar engine is approved to run at normal ACE weights. Call office for instructions or questions.

Mike (Lumpy) Lemke