Tech Note (SLM) - 01.08.15

The use of an Oberg Fuel Shut off valve is mandatory for 2015. Must be mounted with in 12 inches of the fuel line coming out of the fuel cell.

The MEP engine will go to a REV limit of 7600 to stay with the rest of the USRA rule alliance. This will also include the Ford Sealed Engine as a chip of 7600 RPM.

As an update the 9-1 engine in the USRA rule book is looking at a phase out starting in 2016. We will discuss this more in our

series but I thought you should know what others are looking at.

The only spec or sealed engines will be the ones that we have run for several years. Ford, Hamner, MEP, and Wegner. All other spec or sealed engine at this time will need to have approval of the SEAL engine group.

All fuel cells must be mounted behind the rear end assembly. Other sizes and measurements

of the rear frame will be official approved. All rear frames and rear bumpers will be made of magnetic steel. Call if you have questions.

Tread width in 2016 will be 66 inches. No deduct will be given for less. In 2015 we will still have the 25 pound deduct for under 65 inches.

Note on Helmets! The 2015 Snell rating will not come out until near the end ot 2015. Please take note and do not buy another 2010.

Mike (Lumpy) Lemke