ARCA Midwest Tour Tire Procedure 2015

The tire of choice will be the Hoosier F-25 left side and F-48 right side tire. All NEW tires must be purchased at the race track on race day from approved tire vendor. If any competitor is caught with new tires that have NOT been purchased from approved vendor, that car will be disqualified from that event. USED tires may be used for practice, if wishing to utilize used tires for competition tires must be pre-stamped by tire marshal prior to practice session. Once a tire is mounted we will NOT exchange that one for a different tire. You may purchase another tire but the dismounted tire will NOT be refunded, however may be used as a ‘NEW’ tire for a future event as long as it stays in possession of ARCAMT Officials.

Home Track Tire Rule: At select events, the home track tire will be allowed for competition in addition to the F-25/F-48 compound. Any team may choose to run one combination or the other, however mixing of the combinations will NOT be allowed. The addition of the home track tire will be declared on the entry blank for each event. The F-25/F-48 will always be the compound of choice at all ARCAMT events in 2015. *Moving forward, it is our goal to have one universal tire for Super Late Model racing in our region.

Tire Selection: Teams are encouraged to pre-order tires by chalk size up to a week prior to each event. At track selection will be based on a first come, first served with a maximum of 8 tires (race set and practice set) allowed for purchase initially Additional tire selection/purchase will be allowed after all teams have had adequate time to purchase tires. Race tires must be declared and will be impounded at time of purchase.

Practice/Qualifying: It is our intention to limit the amount of practice time to roughly one hour per event and we do not intend to allow time for a separate ‘Scuff Session’. Race tires will be released at a determined time following final practice. ALL teams will qualify on ‘stickers’ and/or pre-approved/stamped used tires. As a reminder teams are allowed to practice on any used tire. Tires deemed ‘NEW’ must be purchased day of event from approved tire vendor at track.

Competition Tires: Tires will be impounded at time of purchase until set release time, these tires must be on car for pre-qualifying tech and will be utilized for all qualifying and point awarding races including dashes, qualifying races, last chance and feature.