ARCA Midwest Tour Event Friday August 14, 2015

All cars must meet Norway or ARCAMT rules, including but not limited to; Shocks, Springs, Fuel Cells, Chassis, Body, Suspension, Transmission and Engine Packages. MSD boxes in Norway cars maybe used and must be wired for Crane Ignition Tester use.

Norway F-40 and F-50 maybe utilized or ARCAMT F-25 and F-48 maybe used.
Any used (race run) Norway F-40 and F-50 must be brought to Tech Director for approval. Used tires will be impounded and used for all racing events and qualifying. You may use 1,2,3,or 4 new tires. New tires must be purchased from tire vendor at the track on day of race or pre-ordered. The posted purse is guaranteed regardless of whether a team is running new and/or used tires.

Weight Rule
Any Norway Car meeting ARCAMT rules may run at ARCAMT weights.

Crate Engines
Norway Registered crate cars (raced at Norway 50% of races) may
run track rules. Any other STOCK 604 Crate Engine (factory sealed) will run at SPS Tundra weights. (GSS and SPS 2650#)
Rebuilt Crates will run under Norway Rebuilt Crate Rules.

All Crate Engines will use a 6300 rev. Limit set in Crane Box or by use of a 6300 chip. Boxes maybe checked at any time with Crane Ignition Tester.

Please E Mail any questions to