WEIGHT Rule for local (in points) Hawkeye Downs Speedway Late Model.

Limited Concept Engine – 2800 lbs. With 750
4bbl. Chrysler over 362 – 2800 lbs. With 750
4bbl. GM Crate Engine with RPM Rev-control
– 2650 lbs. 650 carb. GM Crate Engine rebuilt or with updates and RPM Rev-control – 2675 lbs.
(Rebuild MUST be done by an approved engine builder) 650
carb. Ford Crate call for approval. La Crosse 9 to 1 or 10.5 engine
iron intake & exhaust, conventional springs, GM brakes
– 2800 lbs.
(La Crosse shock rule applies) With 750
4bbl.Wegner LS 5.3L SPEC Engine – 2775 lbs.
(must have 40# mounted directly to engine block)
With 650 carb. Add 30lbs for 302 Ford with 4” engine set back
Gas allowance for Heats and Features will be listed on the Event Entry Form.
1/2 # per lap…1/3 mile or less
1 # per lap……3/8 mile or larger
Front axle 49% and right side 42% apply at all times. All
weights include driver in seat.
Ballast must be painted white, lettered with car number and
be readily available for less than $4 per pound.