Event Website- Hotel: The event hotel is the Sheraton of Brookfield WI. The event pricing ends at Midnight tonight (Friday). You may however try to reach the hotel sales manager to ask for help in getting a discount if you miss the timing. His information is as follows. Adam VanOuwerkerk Sales Manager Phone: 262.364.1010 Fax: 262.786.0843 Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel  375 South Moorland Road, Brookfield, …

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Tech Note (SLM) - 05.01.14

The use of factory (ARP,Five Star) rocker panels will be mandatory on 12/12/14. All rocker panels may only be one solid piece. CRA and USRA now require them being ABC only.We will also use the hood pin mounting bar for a measure for across the front of the nose panel. To make sure that stays in the formation that it …

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Tech Note (SLM) - 04.05.14

Tech Note 040114 Dodge ACE Engine Amendment The use of a Mopar (Dodge) ACE engine will be approved on a trial basis this year. If approved at the end of the year it will be added to the rules. All rules for the ACE engine will be in force except these changes will be made. For Brodix ACE Dodge Cylinder …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 03.11.14

ABC Body Rules: Do not allow for ANY body panel modifications. This includes cutting, lighting, or excessive trimming around windows, drilling holes in fenders, bumpers, or any other parts. Weight penalty for modified parts will be 25 pounds added to your base weight.

Tech Advisory (SLM) - 07.25.13

The MEP Equalizer as used in the Midwest Tour will now use a 7400 chip at all events. This will again put us in line with others using the USRA rules alliance. Bump Springs maybe used in Midwest Tour Competition. The rules for the bump springs will be as follows. It must act like a bump rubber, it may not …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 07.04.13

Tech Note Milwaukee Mile Lettow 150 1. Tires will be sold on Sunday for Practice only. 2-8 pm 2. Tech will start on Monday at 6:30 AM. First come first serve. You will not be able to practice until you have completed tech. 3. Please make sure you are with in all ABC Body rules. We will also be using …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 06.24.13

Please read and understand the ARCA Midwest Tour Rules. NOTES 1.ABC Body rules will be strictly enforced. 2. Fuel Cell Cans or Plates MANDATORY. By ARCA Midwest Tour Rules. STEEL 1/8 INCH. NO EXCEPTIONS 3. Door Plates, Drive Shaft Plates, and all SAFETY equipment must be to ARCA Midwest Tour Rules. STEEL 1/8 INCH. 4. Please read and understand …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 06.03.13

Isky 9935 Valve springs will continue to be legal for use in A.C,E, Engines Isky has changed the size to 1.56 as a total O.D. size. It has changed and will continue to be legal.

Tech Advisory (SLM) - 05.06.13

ALL Teams are required to fill out the product informational tech sheet and it should be emailed to Mike Lemke asap or presented in tech at State Park Speedway. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD & PRINT (.JPG)

Tech Advisory (SLM) - 04.30.13

Crane Ignition Box Update.   We will have some Crane Boxes in stock for those that do not have them.  All cars will be required to have the Crane Ignition System in car for use on Sunday.  Please also be advised that all boxes and coils must be mounted on CRANE PLATES.  We will help you in tech and show you …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 04.21.13

Tech Note 1. Please make sure you have sent in your shocks so they can be added to the ONLY approved shocks for the 2013 season. The shocks now in use will be the only allowed shocks for 2013. Send shock list to 2. CRANE IGNITION BOX Mounting. Please see rules as how to mount your crane ignition box. …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) – 04.01.13

ARCA Midwest Tour Tech Note. 4/01/13 1. To help control costs we would like to FREEZE the shock we now have in use. 2. With sending in 6 shocks at the end of the year we have more info on what is being used. 3. To stop or slow the spending we ask you to send a list of shocks …

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