Tech Advisory (SLM & TRK) - 09.20.12

PLEASE NOTE ALL TIMES ON ELKO SCHEDULE! All Qualifying Tires must be back in impound on Friday Night. Impound area will be disclosed at Drivers Meeting on Friday at 1:00. Pit gate opens at 12:00. Tech will start at 12:15 for Cars only on Friday. Saturday Trucks. Tech will start at 3:00 pm on Saturday. You must be threw tech …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 09.12.12

ASA Midwest Tour Time Line for TECH ON FRIDAY. Subject to CHANGE Tires Hoosier 2185 and 2195 6 Tire Event Friday, September 14th 7:00 AM ASA ASA Garage and Registration Open & Haulers Enter Pit Road You may take any open spot on pit road. All MAJOR work or REPAIRS must be done in back pit area. You will also …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 09.05.12

Iowa Tech Notes All ASA MIDWEST TOUR RULES APPLY Only ASA Midwest Tour Approved Engine Packages Allowed. 1/8 inch Steel Fuel Cell Plates or 1/8 inch Steel Approved cans only. 6.5 Inch Clear spoiler 60 degree minimum angle. All ABC Body Rules will apply. ILX Shocks approved (as we are testing) Please note Panning and Air Intake rules for …

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Tech Advisory (TRK) - 08.15.12

Marshfield Speedway ASA Midwest Truck Tour Tech Advisory 602 TRUCKS REV LIMITS 6200 604 TRUCKS REV LIMITS 6000

Tech Advisory (TRK) - 08.08.12

Marshfield Motor Speedway ASA Midwest Truck Tour Tech Advisory REV LIMITS WILL BE 6000 For ALL Crate Engine Trucks. All HEI Distributors will be set by the tech director. ALL OTHERS MUST set your limit manually to be verified by the tech director. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your limit is set to the proper set point. …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 07.12.12

ASA Midwest Super Late Model Tour Tech Advisory Grundy Rules Adjustments Weights ALL CARS 2750 Crate,ACE, MEP Sealed, Wegner LS 2775 Hamner Sealed 2800 9-1 All Cars 58-42 Crate Tread Width 66 All other Tread Width rules will remain the same. Chip Rules…….. Crate 6300 MEP 7400 Hamner 7600 PLEASE NOTE! In the coming weeks if you run an engine …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 06.05.12

ASA Midwest Tour rules, engine packages, weights and ABC body rules apply no exceptions. If you have questions please ask on Monday. Tech staff will be at track. Scale and tech will be open. All cars must be inspected at pre-tech before getting on the track on Tuesday. Please make sure you have read and understand the ASA Midwest Tour …

Tech Advisory (SLM) - 05.24.12

ACE cylinder heads and intake manifolds must be unmodified. Machining, cutting, grinding, abrasive blasting, use of chemicals, or any alterations to change or alter the cylinder head or intake manifold from its as cast state is prohibited.

Tech Advisory (SLM) - 05.23.12

ASA Midwest Tour Super Late Model Tech Advisory for the Milwaukee Mile 6 1/2 in spoiler will be mandatory. Spoilers must be min of 60 degrees No pulling of air from inside or under car. Please see note for brake ducting in rules. Only Approved ASA Midwest Tour engine packages allowed. Please also make sure your ignition wiring is within …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 05.22.12

ASA Midwest Tour Super Late Model Tech Advisory for Berlin Raceway Engines 9-1 18 or 23 Heads 2800 pounds Hamner Sealed 2775 Sealed engines MEP, Wegner, Others, 2750 ACE 2750 Rebuilt Crate / Chevy / Ford 2750 8 inch fuel cell allowed. 10 inch fuel cell Deduct 25 lbs. (with all ASA Midwest Tour Steel Plates or cans) Rules …

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Tech Advisory (SLM) - 01.19.12

2. Hamner Sealed Weight 2775. Engine Set back. 1. Will be measured from either front upper ball joint for cars with out off upper A-frames. We will also be working on a new measurement for cars with off set A-frames. 2. All Set backs will remain the same.

Tech Advisory (SLM) - 01.11.12

Attn Teams, the items listed below are being updated in the rules and they will be finalized asap. If you have any questions please contact me via phone. Mike Lemke ASA Midwest Tour Late Model Rules Changes 12/14/11 Tires: 2012 Tire: Hoosier F25 Left and F48 Right Body Rules ADD 1. No pannels to extend tops of doors. ADD 2. …

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