Hawkeye Downs Speedway

Coors Light Summer Shootout and Music Festival presented by McGrath Powersports and Liz Girl Logistics

Hakeye Downs Speedway

Saturday, July 5th, 2014
4400 6th St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

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Saturday, July 5th, 2014

11:00am- Pit Gate Opens

12:40pm- Driver Meeting

1:00pm- ARCAMT Practice Begins (45mins)

1:45pm- Hornet Practice (30 mins)

2:15pm: ARCAMT Practice #2 (45 mins)

3:15pm: ARCAMT Qualifying Tech Open

3:15pm: Hornet Practice (30 mins)

4:00pm: ARCAMT Qualifying
4:45pm: ARCAMT On Track Autograph Session and Opening Concert(60 mins)

Race Schedule Tentative, please check back, or look for a updated schedule on race ay at the track.
6:50pm- Opening Ceremonies

5:50pm- Opening Ceremonies

6:00pm- Racing Begins
Hornet Heats – 8 Laps (number of heats pending car count)
Hedman Hedders ARCAMT Qualifier- 15 Laps
  JRI Shocks ARCAMT Fast Dash- 12 Laps
Merv Chandler Memorial 42
Coors Light 100 presented by McGrath Power Sports, Liz Girl Logistics, and 98.1KHAK

9:00pm- Logan Mize In Concert

Printable Schedule (PDF)


Crane Cams Hedman Hedders



The 2014 Race Procedures are as follows: The top 16 in time will be locked in to the main event. The top 16 will run a qualifying event with a 12 invert to determine starting spots for the main event based on each drivers finish. Cars not locked in will run transfer heats starting straight up based on qualifying times with 2 cars transferring from each event for positions 17-20. Remaining cars will run a last chance starting straight up with 3 cars transferring. Provisional 24- Highest in ARCAMT Points, Provisional 25- Highest in Local SLM Pointsor ARCAMT Points, Provisional 26- Highest TS not in the show or highest in ARCAMT Points.


POSTED AWARDS - $37,600 // Main Event (100L)

1. $3000
2. $1800
3. $1100
4. $900
5. $825
6. $800
7. $775
8. $750
9. $725
10. $700
11. $675
12. $675
13. $650
14. $650
15. $650
16. $625
17. $625
18. $625
19. $625
20-26. $600

Touring Star Bonus (PDF)

Last Chance (25L): 1. Transfer; 2. Transfer; 3. Transfer; 4. $400; 5. $375; 6. $350; 7. $325; 8. $300; 9. $275; 10. $250; 11. $200; 12. $200; 13. $200; 14. $200 15.-Rem. $200

The number of transfer positions in qualifiers or last chance may be adjusted based on official car count and the number of cars in each event.


PLEASE READ THE NEW 2014 RULEBOOK AND SERIES PROCEDURES All competitors understand that by submitting an entry form for an ARCA Midwest Tour event, they have read the ARCA Midwest Tour 2014 Official Rulebook and procedures. Competitors also agree to abide by these rules and regulations and any changes that may be ordered by ARCA Midwest Tour officials at any event.

Tires: The tire of choice will be the Hoosier F-25 left side and the F-48 right side tire. All NEW tires must be purchased at the race track on race day. All NEW Tires MUST HAVE THE “STAR” BRANDING and must be purchased at the track on race day or from Hoosier North. NEW Practice Tires will be scanned for verifica- tion of purchase from Hoosier Tire North. If any com- petitor is caught with new tires that are not from Hoosier Tire North that car will be disqualified from that event. USED stamped tires from your local track may be used for practice but you must submit them for approval and scanning by the tire marshall. Once your tire is mounted we will not exchange that one for a different one. You may purchase another but the dismounted tire will be left in impound for the event for possible use in coming event.

Fuel: 10 Gallons, Highly Suggested by not required.

Membership Policy: All car owners and drivers must obtain an ARCAMT Membership License to be eligible to participate in an ARCAMT event. In order to be eligible for year end point fund monies you must participate in at least 75 percent of all ARCAMT events and finish in the top 20 in season end ARCAMT point standings and attend the banquet. To qualify for event bonuses, contingencies, or banquet drawings or points fund, you must be a season long ARCAMT member. Car owner and driver temporary memberships will be $50 per event.

Spotters: It is the responsibility of all car owners participating in an ARCA Midwest Tour event to provide a qualified spotter. That spotter must report to the assigned ARCAMT official in the designated spotters area prior to any on track activities. All spotters are required to monitor race control via scanner on frequency 455.30000.

Coors Light Summer Shootout and Music Festival presented by McGrath Powersports and Liz Girl Logistics ENTRY

Saturday, July 5th, 2014

ARCAMT membership is required for ALL owners and/or drivers participating in an ARCAMT event. Owners and/or drivers that are not ARCAMT members will be allowed to purchase a single event temporary membership ($50.00 per event). Temporary membership purchase amounts CANNOT be applied toward the total cost of a full ARCAMT membership.

Entry Fee Guidelines for the ARCA Midwest Tour
Please note: In order to receive the discounted entry fee rate, both the driver and owner must be a FULL ARCA Member. If an Owner changes drivers and the new driver is a non-member, the entry fee will be at the non-member rate due to the driver needing a temp license.

ARCA Member Entry Fee- $100
ARCA Non-Member Entry Fee- $150 (Temp License Included)
Touring Star Entry Fee Only- $200 (This entry is for contracted Touring Stars Only)
Late Entry Fees ADD $50 if after entry deadline.

By entering, Driver and Car Owner agree that they have read, and will abide by ALL ARCA Midwest Tour rules and decisions, as well as stiplulations on this entry blank. Entries may be rejected if all information and signatures are not provided. Car Owner and Driver must hold a valid ARCA Midwest Tour license to participate in the series championship point fund program and to be eligible for any and all contingencies.

All Drivers are REQUIRED to fill out the ARCA Midwest Tour Driver Profile Form once in 2014. Please >>click here<< and fill out the form before race day!

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