Team I-GOGS Sunglasses
(Entire team outfitted in new i-gogs Sunglasses)
Andrew Morrissey, Dan Fredrickson, Jeff Storm, Jonathan Eilen, Rich Bickle

Team DOC 360 and Team Vita Ice
Vita-Ice is a new, refreshing, enhanced water from Wis-pak. The team was divided in order to represent both products.
(Each team will receive a full supply of DOC 360 and Vita Ice at each event)

DOC 360
Nathan Haseleu, Chris Wimmer, Jason Weinkauf

Vita Ice
Skylar Holzhausen, Jeremy Miller

Team Spiked Island
(Each team will receive a full supply of Calypso Lemonade and Spiked Island Adult Lemonade at each event)
Cardell Potter, James Swan, Chris Weinkauf, Jacob Goede