Tech Note Milwaukee Mile Lettow 150

1. Tires will be sold on Sunday for Practice only. 2-8 pm

2. Tech will start on Monday at 6:30 AM. First come first serve. You will not be able to practice until you have completed tech.

3. Please make sure you are with in all ABC Body rules. We will also be using some BUILDERS NOSE TEMPLATES. If it looks like you got if from the factory ARP or Five Star it will be fine.

4. All Spoilers 6.5 Inches 55 Degree Min.

5. If you do not pass one of the 5 tech stages you will go off to the side and repair the problem before you move on.

6. UNDERSTAND Arca Midwest Tour Rules. Including Door Plates, Cell Plates, Cell Height, Mufflers and Fuel. To name just a few.

7. Please have tools ready for air box, carb and spacer removal that will be at the last stage. Also have all driver safety equipment with car for inspection purposes.

8. No pushing, pulling, on car in any part of the tech line.

9. ONLY ACE, 9-1, Ford MEP, Hamner, Wegner, or Progressive Sealed Engines Allowed. Call if you plan on running a Progressive. All engines will be on a 4412 2 bbl carb that must pass Tour gauges.

10. Tires must be bought from ARCA Midwest Tour Tire Trailer. Fuel will be with in spec’s for fuel sold at race track for this event. With a 10 gallon min purchase

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