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9:30 PM - Nathan Haseleu wins the DOC 360 100L at Norway Speedway tonight. Details to follow soon. Interview in Victory lane below.

Second Place Dalton Zehr Post Race Interview

Third Place Jeff Storm Post Race Interview

7:20 PM - Dan Lindsley wins the JRI Shocks Fast Dash and Jamie Iverson wins the Hedman Hedders Qualifier at Norway Speedway. Full rundown on this link

6:45 PM - Spiked Island Touring Star Chris Weinkauf getting the VDL Fuel Systems Interview from Matt Panure

6:05 PM - Spiked Island Touring Star Chris Weinkauf Audio Interview

6:00 PM - Dalton Zehr Audio Interview

5:55 PM - DOC 360 Touring Star Nathan Haseleu Audio Interview

5:50 PM - Our young upcoming stars signing autographs.

5:45 PM - ARCAMT Autograph Session

5:30 PM - Spiked Island Touring Star Chris Weinkauf sets fast time at Norway Speedway for the DOC 360 100L. Full rundown on this link

4:30 PM Qualifying for the DOC 360 100L at Norway Speedway begins at 5:00PM. Let us know on our Facebook page who you think will win the VDL, B&B Racing Engines Fast Qualifier Award.

4:00 PM - DOC 360 Touring Star Chris Wimmer was fastest in the second practice at Norway Speedway. View the partial rundown on this link. Qualifying begins at 5PM.

3:00 PM - A few pics of cars on the track for the second practice today at Norway Speedway.

2:15 PM - Finally! A race without rain drops and the tech staff finds the shade!

2:05 PM - Labor Day Weekend begins the start of the Dickinson County Fair. Surrounding the track is a horse track that welcomes an erratic race car exiting the front stretch every now and then. Lets hope tonight everyone keeps all four tires on asphalt.


2:00 PM - Cars on the track for practice.

1:45 PM - A yearly strong crowd will fill the stands to see the Touring Stars and Local Heroes battle on the track.

1:30 PM - Have you tried a DOC 360 lately?

1:20 PM - Practice will roll onto the track shortly at Norway Speedway. Jamie Iverson has been dominant at his home track. Who do you think has the best chance to beat him tonight?

12:40 PM - The future of our sport and upcoming stars! Midwest Bandeleros.

12:20 PM - It’s a long haul for Carver MN driver Jacob Goede to get to Norway.

12:15 PM - After a strong run at Madison last Sunday, Spiked Island Touring Star Cardell Potter is ready to back it up at Norway Speedway tonight.

12:10 PM - Chris Wimmer rolls his car through pre-tech at Norway Speedway

12:05 PM - Local standout and point leader Dalton Zehr readies his decals for today’s race

12:00 PM - Jon Eilen rolls thru tech early and stopped at Victory Lane to show his confidence In today’s race

9:00 AM - Check back for updates later today from the DOC 360 100L at Norway Speedway in Norway Michigan before you head out to the track. Practice begins at 1:30PM, Qualifying is at 5PM and racing starts at 7PM.

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