Tech Note (SLM) - 10.27.14

Have had many calls about the Ultra style carb from Holley. To save us all money this will not be allowed in the Midwest Tour. Also as a note this new body is not as good as the one we are now using. At this time no parts (fuel bowls) may also be used. Our rule will stay the same.

For 2015 also remember the nose cut outs at 90 degrees and the stock ARP or Five Star rockers
must be used as in the tech note from early this year. Also remember we are limiting the use of

Carbon Fiber as also stated in that tech note in 2015.

We will have several other notes coming out soon. To again save money changes will be limited. It is always cheaper to have and to keep what we are already running. Chassis (Rear), Fuel Cell, Rear Suspension, Engine Set Back (how to measure) and others will be included.

If you are going to get something new, different, and cool part. You should call for info first. It is better to call first then to have something else hanging on your shop wall. We are looking at keeping
costs stable and finding ways to keep the competitive costs down to keep our sport short track racing alive and well.

Any thoughts can be sent to or I can be reached after 5 and until 6 at
920 863 8012. Have a great off season.

Thank you